Table 2

Results on Facebook network samples
Algorithm No. communities Network modularity Time (s)
BFS (8.21M vertices, 12.58M edges)
FNCA 50,156 0.6867 5.97⋅104
LPA 48,750 0.6963 2.27⋅104
Uniform (7.69M vertices, 7.84M edges)
FNCA 40,700 0.9650 3.77⋅104
LPA 48,022 0.9749 2.32⋅104

This table summarizes performance and results of the two chosen community detection algorithms (i.e., FNCA and LPA) applied to the samples we collected from Facebook.


Ferrara EPJ Data Science 2012 1:9   doi:10.1140/epjds9

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